Children’s Mind Is At Risk From Mobile

Children's Mind Is At Risk From Mobile

British researchers are preparing for a giant research project to determine whether mobile phones or other wireless devices also affect the development of children’s brains. Many researchers have already conducted studies on the risk of brain cancer caused by mobile phone use.

In this project named “Scamp,” based on knowledge, adolescence, and the use of mobile phones, things like their memory and attention will be considered. It will be seen how they develop in adolescence. This is precisely the time when teenagers start using mobile phones and other wireless devices like them.

Cancer risk

So far, there is no solid evidence that radio waves emanating from mobile phones have a bad effect on health. Despite the fact that much research has been conducted and much more is being conducted, Up until now, in most of the research, more attention has been given to adults and the risk of brain cancer in them.

But now scientists want to pay attention to whether children’s developing brains may be more at risk than adults’. One reason for this is that their nervous system is developing at this age. The second reason is that, due to starting the use of mobile devices at a young age, they face the radio waves of mobile devices for a longer period of time.

Effect on children

Paul Eliot, director of the Center for Environment and Health at Imperial College London, says: “The available scientific evidence so far shows no link between mobile phone exposure to radio waves and brain cancer after 10 years of adult use. He adds that “the current evidence regarding its long-term use and use in children is not clear.”

The use of mobile phones is increasing all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, the number of mobile users is around 4.6 billion. In the UK, 70 percent of year olds and almost 90 percent of 14 year olds are using a mobile phone.

How will the test be conducted?

Eliot and Mirai Toledano, another researcher working on this research, are planning to do research on 2500 children aged 11 to 12 for two years. Meanwhile, they will observe how many times a day, for what purpose, and for how long children use mobile phones or other wireless devices. Students participating in the research and their parents will tell the researchers about the use of mobile phones and wireless in their lives and its benefits. In addition, a computerised test for cognitive ability will be administered in their classroom.

According to Toledano, “this kind of knowledge refers to how we think, how we make decisions, and how we remember and use information.” Toledano is also a researcher at Imperial College, London.

According to the World Health Organization, in the last 20 years, much research has been done on the possible dangers of mobile phones. According to British health policy guidelines, children under the age of 16 should only use mobile phones for essential work. Text messages should be used whenever possible. According to Tolenado, such a wide use of mobile technology is new to our lives right now. That’s why a scam study is very important to gather evidence about its effects, so that people can choose their way of life wisely.

Children’s Mind Is At Risk From Mobile

According to statistics, the reasons for the use of smartphones are seen in children between the ages of 12 and 18 months. Due to the direct effect on the eyes, children are facing problems like wearing glasses early, irritation and dryness in the eyes, and fatigue.

Why is mobile phone use harmful?

Many diseases can be caused by mobile phones in the human body. DNA can be damaged by electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones. Apart from this, excessive use of mobile devices can also give you many major diseases like mental illness, cancer, brain tumours, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Which disease is a result of watching mobile?

The blue screen of a mobile phone can cause a lot of damage to your eyes. This can lead to severe headaches, eye pain, and even dry eyes. In such a situation, it is very important to take a break while using the cellphone.

 Is it appropriate to give children mobile phones?

Through this report, WHO has instructed parents or guardians to keep children away from mobile phones, TV screens, laptops, and other electronic devices. For children below the age of 1 year: Zero screen time has been set for children below the age of one. That is, do not keep them in front of the screen at all.

How to Overcome Mobile Addiction

Keep your data off for some hours of the day—that is, keep the internet off. With this, your mind will not be tempted to look at the phone again and again, and the battery will also be saved. 4. Schedule a time to check your phone, and at the same time you see all the updates, even if you see them again and again, more updates about your work will arrive; this is unavoidable.

 What is the phone’s danger?

The electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones also affects your bones, and the mineral liquid present in them can be depleted. 4 For men, keeping the mobile phone near the waist can be even more dangerous. In fact, the negative effect of mobile radiation can also be seen in the form of a reduction in sperm.