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Best Neurosurgeons In South Delhi

A neurosurgeon is a medical expert who can diagnose and treat nerve related problems. Neurosurgeons can provide both nonsurgical and surgical treatments depending on the specialty they follow. They are known to treat the nervous system affecting the brain and spinal cord. and looking for a list of best neurosurgeons in south delhi, India’s capital city?

Neurosurgeons provide both operative and non-operative treatment to cure the patient. They undertake medications like physical therapy, steroid injections and oral medicines. Not all the people having neurological problems require surgery. A simple diagnosis and medication under the guideline of a neurosurgeon can support the nervous system and helps the patient to recover.

Visit today get doctor appointment and offer yourself the services of the best neurologist south Delhi who will help get rid of the pain of your unfortunate situation and give you great insights into preventive steps that you can take to avoid any future mishap.

Neurosurgeons are known to support the following systems

● Skull
● blood vessel
● protective membranes
● tissue
● spinal vertebrae

A person already undergoing some kind of medication might be referred to a neurologist in order to find out the existing problem more deeply.

Difference Between A Neurosurgeon And A Neurologist

A neurologist refers to a medical Doctor Who can diagnose and treat the health conditions affecting nerves, brain , and spinal cord without performing a surgery.

Neurosurgeon on the other hand is involved in both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. People getting affected with severe injuries and their head, spinal cord and other body parts may get suggested with oral medications or surgery from a neurosurgeon. The nervous damage is what a neurosurgeon deals with.

What exactly does a neurosurgeon do?

Neurosurgeons identify and diagnose the existing health condition to treat them systematically. Most of the time, the existing neurological problems are in the spinal column brain and spinal cord. The experts suggest anti-inflammatory medication and a physio therapy to help the patient to cover most of the time. However, if the pain does not subside with the existing treatment, a surgery may be recommended.

Neurosurgeon is an expert in performing various types of surgical procedures. They are involved in the following techniques –

● Chronic pain intervention
● open surgery
● radiosurgery
● microsurgery
● endoscopic surgery
● minimally invasive surgery

Types of tests performed by neurosurgeons

Neurosurgeons undergo various training in order to treat the patient who is having a different neurological condition. They know how to diagnose and treat the existing neurological problems with the help of the following test machines

● CT scan
● positron emission tomography

What exact conditions can a neurosurgeon treat?

● Cerebral spinal fluid
● chronic pain
● carpal tunnel syndrome
● brain tumors
● Congenital brain condition
● Herniated disc Parkinson’s disease Arctica spinal stenosis Spondylitis spinal injuries epilepsy pinched nerves multiple sclerosis

What surgeries are performed by neurosurgeons?

The expert medical doctors provide various types of surgery to support the structure and tissues of the body. Majority of the surgeries include-

● Blood clot removal
● Tumor repair
● brain bleeding
● tumor removal
● Spine stabilization
● Ulnar nerve release
● Radio surgery

When to see a neurosurgeon?

A neurosurgeon is a primary health care provider who can treat neurological conditions to benefit the patient. The neurosurgeons have a complete knowledge about brain and central nervous system peripheral nerves and spine. They have every clue what can exactly affect the system of a person.

Every time you need to see a neurosurgeon, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to undergo a surgery. Some of the neurological conditions can be cured just with a simple prescription. You may be recommended some kind of test or a detailed diagnosis. Your expert will discuss the best treatment option with you and only if the condition cannot be cured, a surgery would be recommended.

How to get the Best neurosurgeon in Delhi?

Ask the following questions with your neurosurgeon during the appointment

● What are the exact benefits of a neurological surgery?
● Is surgery actually necessary ?
● How to get the second opinion?
● How much time will I take to recover ?
● What exactly do I need to do for the surgery?
● Who are the specialists taking part in my surgery?

What to carry during an appointment with the neurosurgeon ?

Your neurosurgeon will diagnose the problem as existing in the peripheral and central nervous system. There can be disorders, infections, tumors , trauma, anomalies, degenerative diseases and spine issues needing quick medical attention. The expert having the proper medical degree and experience shall recommend you with a proper medication and surgical treatment for speedy recovery.

A human body is composed of a complex network of nerves. Each carry messages from brain to spinal cord and various other body organs like feet, arms , hands and legs. A neurologist knows how to identify any complexity existing in the body. He Can cure the problem with the help of a surgery or with simple medication.

You need to be very well prepared while getting an appointment fixed with a neurosurgeon. Make sure that you do execute the following steps before the neurosurgeon specialist doctor 

● Highlight majority of the existing issues during the discussion
● Talk about a new symptoms and the previous ones existing
● Do talk about the overall changes taking place in the body after the surgery or because of the neurological condition
● Carry all the important medications and supplements including prescriptions vitamins and reports
● Take along a friend and a relative so that they can also pay attention to the ongoing discussion. They will remind you appropriately for the tests and your medication

Final words

Many people denote neurosurgeons as brain surgeons because they specialize in the treatment of brain related injury. Our spine Brain and nervous system are interconnected. The neurosurgeons are trained doctors Who know how to manage the treatment of spinal injuries, brain injury and cancers. Neurosurgeons cannot totally prevent the problem but know how to diagnose and treat the existing disorders. They can perform operations after completing a certain medication and rehabilitation of a patient.

Neurosurgeons and neurologist  can perform in both private and public hospitals. Healthcare professionals work with other health experts and have a critical team to take care. Best neurosurgeon in Delhi can vary in cost and overall experience they carry.One can question them about the staff and overall medical expenses before beginning with the treatment. It is very important to get a referral from a doctor before seeing a Best Neurosurgeons In South Delhi It helps to pass on information between one doctor to another contributing to better medical care.

Neurologist in South Delhi

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