5 Easy And Natural Ways To Avoid Brain Tumors

5 Easy And Natural Ways To Avoid Brain Tumors

Brain Tumor

Every day Hundreds of people are diagnosed with brain tumors all across the world. Some of them suffer with the beginning of the issue whereas there are some people who have already reached the dead end. The cancer cell can be benign or malignant depending on its nature. Not all cancer cells are deadly in nature. However, the secondary brain tumor cancer continues to grow in the brain and can cause death. this article included 5 easy and Natural ways to avoid brain tumors

A Few facts about brain tumor

  • Brain tumor can possibly arise at any age
  • Family history and exposure to radiation can increase the risk of brain tumor
  • The brain tumor is identified under a microscope in order to find out how cells actually appear and behave
  • Brain tumors are categorized from grade 1 – grade 4

How do identify a brain tumour ?

Symptoms of brain tumour are different in different personalities. Sometimes it can be in the form of headache vomiting or troubled walking. Whereas, for others it can be in the form of personality changes and problems in the vision. A better idea would be to diagnose the problem through a physical examination or special test as soon as there arises a possibility.

Here are a Few symptoms and signs of brain tumour –

Brain tumour symptoms can be both general and specific. The specific symptoms of brain tumour include brain not functioning properly. Most of the cases were diagnosed when people went to doctor in complained of a headache. A few general symptoms of brain tumor include

  • People experiencing seizures and convolutions can carry symptoms of brain tumour
  • A Usual headache that can become worse what doing certain activities. The headache related to brain tumour can’t begin set up in the morning and continued to exist all the time.
  • Loss of consciousness and contraction of muscles
  • Skin turning purple blue green or tail yellow because of improper breathing pattern
  • Change in the way of well
  • Repetitive and unintentional movement
  • Drowsiness and problems in performing routine activity

A few specific symptoms of brain tumour include –

  • Constant headache
  • Loss of vision either temporary or permanent
  • Changes in the speaking breathing and hearing pattern. Difficulty in understanding and recollecting words because of effected cerebrum
  • Inability to look upward
  • Difficulty in solving and facial weakness or numbness
  • Vision changes double vision and effective brainstem

A doctor shall diagnose the symptom of brain cancer by performing relevant tests and physically examining the person. The brain tumor relieving remedies and supportive care would immediately begin soon after diagnosis. It is possible to cure brain tumor with simple medication and precautions as well.

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How to avoid brain tumor ?

No doubt that it is always better to be safe than sorry.  Instead of searching for ways to cure brain tumors, the main idea should be to prevent its occurrence in the first place. Simple changes in the lifestyle can reverse the impact of cancerous cells while keeping one healthy. Here is what you can do to prevent brain tumor –

5 easy and Natural ways to avoid brain tumors

1. Proper sleep

When our eyes are shut, it provides an adequate amount of rest to the brain. Sleep is said to be the best friend for mental health. It is like a soothing balm which also reduces the impact of any sort of strain, emotional problem or trauma. Proper sleep also encourages the release of cortisol hormone. The immunity booster hormone can typically battle with cancer cells while normalizing naturally. Women waking up excessively early in the morning are known to have an imBalanced level of cortisol. The hormone has antioxidant effects while ceasing the possibility of cancer cells.

2. Intermittent fasting

Creating the impact of ketosis in the body can easily ward off unwanted cell growth in the body. The oxidative stress impacts the brain while fighting brain tumors naturally. It also supplies sufficient nutrients to the brain. The impact of intermittent fasting is not only limited to humans but to animals as well. By creating a gap of minimum 16 hours between two meals every day, one can lower down the risk of cancer cell development. Studies have suggested that people already suffering from cancer can practice intermittent fasting in order to reduce glucose level  and multiplication of cancerous cells. The same option can be opted in case of obesity and other problems.

3. Yoga and meditation

Instead of going for medication, do meditation. Yoga and meditation have an anti- cancerous effect. They can fight inflammation and improve mental functioning naturally. Yoga cannot directly cure cancer of any type. However postures of relaxation and breathing exercises can improve overall strength and flexibility of the body. Yoga supplies more oxygen to the brain while improving its functioning naturally. The 5000 year old therapy can reduce the impact of current lifestyle while making your nervous system absolutely strong. Yoga is a natural way to overcome stress, depression and anxiety. Stress generated because of Cancer and cancer related symptoms can also be managed with some unique yoga postures. No matter what, Yoga never brings any side-effects. In either case, practicing yoga would benefit your health.

4. Limited exposure to screen

The radiation coming out of cell phone screens and computers is also a main cause of cancer. The leading neurologist suggests that restriction to screen can keep both eyes and mental health good. One should not stick to digital gadgets for entertainment purposes all the time. Instead of that, breathe fresh air, walk and do exercise to stay healthy and entertained.

5. Anticancer diet

There are plenty of food items that consist of antioxidant properties to prevent brain cancer. Go for such food items on a daily basis and never let the possibility of tumor generate. Your Diet alone has enough role to play in your overall health. The best food items to prevent occurrence of cancer include green tea, super foods, soya, Fruits and vegetables . Consuming leafy green vegetables and a fresh citrus fruit every day can deter the possibility of cancer to quite an extent.

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Are Brain tumors deadly ?

Brain tumors, whether deadly or not, are highly painful. It impacts the skull area and hinders the vital functioning of the brain. Even if the person does not immediately die because of brain tumor, still there can be problems of memory loss or difficulty in understanding. partial or complete loss of vision and walking troubles. Either the brain health is partially or completely destroyed. There can be an increase in the pressure of the skull area and blocking up of cerebrospinal fluid.  It’s very important to identify and diagnose brain tumors in the beginning of the problem.delay in diagnosis of brain tumor can worsen the problem.

 Final words Brain Tumors

For 5 Easy And Natural Ways To Avoid Brain Tumors Not All the people suffering from brain tumors show symptoms. Sometimes, there can be No symptoms at all and yet the person is suffering from a brain tumor. There has been a significant increase in the number of people suffering from brain tumors in recent years. Majority of the cases are because of excess stress and improper eating habits. One can easily avoid brain tumors by following a disciplined lifestyle. Pay attention to your eating and exercising habits to ensure proper body functioning.